Unter Soziologen / Among Sociologists

No theory forbids me to say "Ah!" or "Ugh!", but it forbids me the bogus theorization of my "Ah!" and "Ugh!" - the value judgments. - Theodor Julius Geiger (1960)

Drawing: "Politics" by Rien Doorn, published with permission

Unter Soziologen / Among Sociologists

From its very first appearance, sociology has always understood itself as a contemporary science. Wilhelm Dilthey wrote in 1875 that "Impulses for new theories arise here from the will, which then have an effect on the willing of a specific present." Dilthey saw the development of sociology as an "awareness of the forces at work in society, of the causes that have brought about their upheavals, of the means of healthy progress (which) have become a vital question for our civilization, for all apparatuses of inhibition between state power and the working class have disappeared after the French Revolution and in the rapid growth of the masses of workers through the expansion of industry and transport, with the proletariat increasingly opposing the traditional state and striving for international union." (König, 1987).

Sociology arose with the emancipation of civil society from the absolutist state. These emancipation efforts share the view of society as a civil society as a kind of its own nature; this view was directed against the supernatural, religious justification of absolutism. The development of civil society is inseparable from the development of the particular economic system that we now call capitalism (ibidem).

In our liberal democracies, today, we quickly see human behavior in terms of individual characteristics, skills, choices and preferences. Sociologists examine the relationship between what happens to individuals in their lives and the social, economic, and political processes behind those events. As social beings, we are part of groups and institutions that exist in a specific time. Sociologists developed different ways to study society. From studying the actions and attributions of meaning, to studying the system involved and its environment.

This website is devoted to sociology, initially the work of German sociologists, later the work of sociologists from other parts of the world will be added. In addition to brief overviews of their work, the applications of this work to today's social problems are discussed. This is a live website, which means that new articles will be added regularly. As a professional in risk and safety, I will write regularly about the usefulness of sociology for managing risk and safety issues. I will add summaries of books that I find interesting.

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