No theory forbids me to say "Ah!" or "Ugh!", but it forbids me the bogus theorization of my "Ah!" and "Ugh!" - the value judgments. - Theodor Julius Geiger (1960)

Annette von Alemann

Prof. Dr. Annette von Alemann is a professor of sociology specializing in work, gender, and social inequality at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Previously, she coordinated the project "Promoting Young Talent" as part of the Future Strategy for Teacher Training, and she was a research associate in the project "Work Organizations and Fatherly Life Conduct".

Prof. von Alemann completed her doctorate in 2013 at Bielefeld University with a thesis on the interpretation patterns of men and women in leadership positions in the economy. She has been honored with the University of Bielefeld's Gender Equality Prize for innovative gender research theses.

She has led several research projects on topics such as the economization of diversity in universities and work-life balance.